In update 20.1, Infinite Flight will say goodbye to the Ghost (or "Report") to make way for a much-improved violation system. We have expanded on our violation model in an effort to simplify the way we moderate the online experience, removing any vague verbiage along the way. You’ll find grade table improvements, reworked violation messages, and more, all to take the guesswork out of violations and how they affect your Infinite Flight progression.

Infinite Flight Violation Levels

Starting in 20.1, our violation system will be more automated. Restriction times and access to the Expert Server will be based solely on the nature of the offence, and won't be chosen by ATC. Violations will be received based on severity and indicated as level 1, 2, or 3. Words like report or ghost will be a thing of the past.

Violation Level 1

Level 1 violations are system-generated and will be received if a pilot violates a specific set of parameters on the Training and Expert servers. Examples of this are ground overspeed while taxiing, flight overspeed, aerobatics inside an airspace, and runway idle. Exact details will be available on our new online user guide coming soon.

Receiving three or more Level 1 violations will disconnect the pilot from the server, causing them to have to start their flight again (which they can do immediately if they choose).

Violation Level 2

Level 2 violations are tied to infractions pilots can receive by Expert Server ATC (IFATC) when rules are broken. Unlike the previous system, IFATC must select an exact rule that has been broken in order to issue the violation. The pilot will be notified of the violation on screen, and will be disconnected from the server. Options at that point will be to visit the user guide, continue their flight while disconnected, or end the flight.

Pilots receiving level 2 violations may return to the Expert Server immediately provided their total number of level 2 and 3 violations remain below server limits. Examples of level 2 violations include pushing back or taxiing without permission, failure to maintain adequate separation, and newly added, unresponsive while climbing, descending, or maneuvering.

Violation Level 3

Level 3 violations are similar to level 2 but are more severe. The pilot will be immediately disconnected from the server, again with the option to fly offline. Level 3 violations carry a 7-day wait period before being able to use the expert server again.

Level 3 violation examples include taking off from or landing on the wrong runway, flying through other aircraft, and not following assigned ATC heading, altitude, or speed.

Violations are kept on a pilot’s record and therefore, if a pilot continues to receive Violations (Level 2 and Level 3 only), Expert Server access will be restricted for longer. Currently a total of no more than 5 Level 2 and/or Level 3 Violations can be received within a 365 day rolling period for access to the server. For example, if a pilot receives their first level 2 or 3 violation on June 1st, and over the course of 365 days, receives 4 more level 2 or level 3 violations, they must wait until the first violation has lapsed on May 31st of the following year before rejoining. Provided they haven't accumulated any more level 2 or level 3 violations, this would mean their count is now 4 for that 365 day period.

The overall changes and the introduction of the Level 2 violation are designed to help ease the burden on the pilot for making an honest mistake, hopefully avoiding a 7-day restriction from the Expert Server. We encourage each pilot to review our user guide, tutorials, and other available resources to improve anything that may have resulted in a violation.

How pilots know they've received a violation

Infinite Flight Violation Message (subject to change)

Pilots who have received any type of violation can still finish their flight offline! This is nice if they were not planning to fly with a group and would still like to practice. Alternatively, they can end the flight and head to our user guide for some help brushing up on the rules.  The community forum is a fantastic place to ask questions too.

Existing reports

What happens if a pilot already has ghosts/reports/violations on their record? All violations will become Level 1 and all pre-20.1 ghosts will become level 3 violations on the pilot's record. Existing reports and violations will not be reset.

Grade table improvements

Infinite Flight Grade Table

Grades in Infinite Flight determine what server a pilot is able to join based on experience, violations, violation to landing ratios, and so on. By tapping on their username from the home screen, followed by the info icon next to their grade, pilots can easily see their current grade, and requirements to reach the next one. On this screen, developers have made it easier to see your violations and other useful stats that contribute to your grade.

In version 20.1, 2-year server restrictions have been removed entirely to allow pilots to regain access more quickly. A new Violation History section will show all previous violations with the reason for easy reference should a pilot forget why they were issued or when.

Infinite Flight Violation History

Appealing violations

Controllers are human and mistakes happen. It can be very frustrating indeed when a pilot is removed from the server after a long and otherwise successful flight. We encourage pilots to stay calm and follow the process to have their violation reviewed (for level 2 and level 3 only). The violation history log will show the time and date, type, reason, and controller's username. Armed with this information (and whenever possible, a link to their replay file), pilots are encouraged to visit the Infinite Flight community forum to send the controller a message.

Here's how to appeal your violations

  1. Head to the Infinite Flight Community Forum and create an account if you don't already have one.
  2. Send a Message to the @appeals  user group using the violation appeal template. This template will include the date, time, reason for the violation, controller name, a link to your reply file, and any extra information that will help.
  3. Give our review team up to 72 hours to issue a response.

The Infinite Flight violation system is designed to help pilots and controllers ensure the Expert Server is a place everyone can enjoy their flight in a professional environment. While coming up with a perfect system may seem impossible, these changes should be a step in the right direction.