At Infinite Flight, our goal is to keep pushing forward, not only in developing a quality product but in training and education. From social media to our online user guide, we want to effectively provide users with the tools they need to make the most of Infinite Flight.

Introducing the Infinite Flight Briefing Room webinars. Briefing Room will be a collection of webinar episodes broken down into series. As Infinite Flight adds features that push the simulator further toward real-world flying, the systems and procedures become more complex. Even for veteran Infinite Flight pilots and ATC, more real-world systems means more learning.

Our team members include real world air traffic controllers and pilots, so drawing on that knowledge is a must as we seek to push out new, relevant content. Briefing room will take a deep dive into the systems and procedures that make up Infinite Flight, as well as take a closer look at flying and controlling techniques that go beyond the tutorials. Episodes will stream live on our YouTube channel and will be saved for future viewing. Viewers will not be required to sign up to participate. Audience members will be given chances to ask questions via the webinar system, and no special software or app will be required.

The first episode is coming soon and this article will be updated along with our social media when the date and time is set. See you soon!