EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is unlike any other aviation event in the world. With exhibitors ranging from aircraft manufacturers to flight schools and everything in between, we thought it was time for Infinite Flight to get in on the action.

At Oshkosh 2018, Infinite Flight co-founder and CEO, Laura Laban and I attended with one goal: to see if Oshkosh was a good fit for a product like Infinite Flight. The answer turned out to be a resounding yes. As we hung out with the kind folks at the NGPA booth to let attendees give the app a try, it became obvious that there was no shortage of interest.

As flight simulators continue to become more and more realistic, the ability to use them in real world aviation training becomes more promising. Oshkosh is the mecca of real world aviation. It stands to reason then that a lot of real world pilots move through the hangars and walk the flight lines. In his talk at FlightSimExpo 2018, Jason Miller of the Finer Points of Flying quipped,

"You can use real airplanes to learn how to fly flight sims."

Of course he said that with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, but the fact remains. Even real world pilots will take a keen interest in the world of flight simulation. Infinite Flight hopes to make new friends that didn't even know they were looking for a portable simulator as we head to Oshkosh in 2019.

Stay in the loop

OSH18 Images courtesy of Chris Leipelt Photos

As we get closer and closer to OSH19, we will continue to make announcements for where and when you can find us to meet up and hang out with the team. Keep an eye out for a guest appearance at the booth as well! Our social media accounts will use the custom #ifosh19 hashtag in addition to the standard #osh19. We will encourage all of you who attend to use and follow our custom tag so we can stay connected with you.

We will be located at Booth 3027 in the Epic Exhibit Hangar C. This booth location is subject to change. Stay tuned for more information on Infinite Flight at the world's largest aviation celebration! Until next time, blue skies and tailwinds.

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