Hello, fellow pilots!

Our fourth major release of the year has been sent to your app store and will be available to you very soon! Included in this update:

  • CRJ200 (aircraft and all liveries included without subscription)
  • CRJ1000
  • ATC Multi-Frequency for the Expert Server
  • New Systems Page
  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations
  • Pushback with runway request
  • ATC Performance Optimizations

Infinite Flight 18.4

We have now completed the CRJ family of aircraft with our fourth update of the year! With these new variants comes a host of liveries, ATC updates and improvements, a new aircraft systems user interface, and more.

CRJ Family Complete

Earlier this year, we released the 700 and 900 CRJ variants, as well as a much-welcomed addition of wing flex animations to the A320 family of aircraft. Following that momentum, 18.4 brings even more realism with the CRJ200 and 1000. As with other recent releases, these models have been tested against real-world data, and flight tested by our real-world CRJ pilots. With these new regional variants comes over 20 liveries fresh from the paint shop to please users from countries around the world.

As with our other updates, Infinite Flight Pro subscribers can enjoy all features and updates by simply updating the app when it is available in the app store. As a special bonus to all Infinite Flight users, the CRJ200 will come as a free update with all liveries belonging to that variant! You read that correctly; everyone can enjoy the CRJ200 and all liveries that come with it as part of this update.

Optimizations and Improvements

As with any app, bug fixes and improvements aren't usually the fun part to share, but are vital to its integrity and longevity. In this update, we have included some ATC optimizations and improvements. Most notably is the ability for controllers to share the traffic load by tag teaming multiple tower, ground, or radar frequencies. Pilots will now be instructed which frequency to tune into based on their location via the ATIS. This is especially useful during peak hours and high-volume events.

A new aircraft systems screen now makes it easier to operate engines, lights, and other systems while flying or taxiing. This replaces the third systems layer, giving way to a new map button for easy access to your flight plan. Pilots can now also request a runway in addition to their pushback request, taking the guesswork out of which direction they should push.

Livery Updates

The following is a list of liveries coming with this update:

CRJ200 CRJ1000
Air Canada Express Air France (Brit Air)
American Eagle Arik Air
Aruba Airlines Binter Canarias
Belavia Belarusian Airlines Bombardier House livery
Delta Airlines Garuda Indonesia
Generic Generic
Infinite Flight HOP!
J-Air Iberia (Air Nostrum) New
Kendell Airlines Iberia (Air Nostrum) Old
MexicanaLink MyAir
Northwest Airlines SKYTEAM (Garuda Indonesia)
South African Express
United Express
UTair Aviation