Changes are coming to display names in Infinite Flight. Since the early days of the simulator, pilots have had the option to set both a display name and a callsign to uniquely identify themselves. While this kind of flexibility can be fun and entertaining from a user perspective, it can also pose some difficult challenges from a community standpoint. This legacy feature has had its day in the sun and will now be retiring.

In v20.2, we will be removing display names and replacing them with community forum usernames. Linking to your forum account will be optional and will be done by navigating to the newly added Account settings page. From there, a new option to connect your Infinite Flight Community profile will be available.

Work-In-Progress Account Screen UI for Infinite Flight
Work-In-Progress Account Screen UI for Infinite Flight

Your forum username will then show while you're flying or controlling online, and lets you easily identify other community members flying or controlling around you. Community managers and moderators are always looking for new ways to connect pilots and controllers when disagreements or mistakes arise, and this change helps facilitate that.

Often, community members will showcase their virtual airline or organization in their forum profile. Connecting the online servers to the forum in this way helps connect the dots for new users looking to get involved. Callsigns will remain unaffected with this change, and if you have selected an approved virtual organization in your forum preferences, it will be displayed in-app along with your callsign!*

A challenge related to display names is moderation. With users from all age ranges and walks of life, we put a lot of effort into ensuring everyone can enjoy flight simulation without fear of harassment. Over the years, display names have required a great deal of attention from staff and moderators due to misuse. With the current system, users are able to set their public display name in-app with very few constraints in place aside from some banned words filters.

One solution would be to rework the username system from the ground up, however we believe that by simply linking to community forum accounts, it will make for a better experience for users who want to be recognized both in the app and in our community. By removing and replacing with community forum profile names, staff and moderators are more available to focus on making Infinite Flight a better experience. Again, this linking process will remain completely optional and users who wish to be anonymous will be able to do so. You will be able to unlink in settings at any time. Should you choose not to connect your forum account, only your callsign will be displayed in-app.

Can I keep my display name?

No, display name functionality the way it exists currently will be gone. We believe that the advantages of connecting community members to our virtual skies will outweigh the benefits of the current system. Another huge advantage to this new system is helping users who require support. Being able to communicate efficiently with these people is very important to us.

More details about if and how users will be able to change their community forum username will come at a later date as we continue to process these system changes.

*Community forum account must be linked in app settings, and VO must be set in your forum profile to display this data.