Your journey to Oshkosh is here! As AirVenture enters its 50th consecutive year bringing aviation to the masses, Infinite Flight is helping celebrate with XCubs to Oshkosh. With the latest addition to our virtual fleet, XCub is the perfect aircraft in which to begin your Oshkosh adventure.

The Details

We have established a NOTAM that will be your guide as you fly one of the legendary arrivals into Oshkosh. At Infinite Flight, we have 3 primary servers available for use. The casual server allows pilots free reign with no penalties for breaking real world rules and procedures. Our training  server is where people new to air traffic control can get their feet wet and practice working frequencies. Some rules and violations are in place to start holding pilots accountable, as well as provide a basis on which to judge their pilot skills for expert server access. The expert server is where we have vetted ATC, and rules are enforced by our system and by controllers.

XCubs to Oshkosh is a casual server event. One of our goals from the beginning was to make this event accessible for everyone. If you have Infinite Flight on your device, you can fly this event. Even as a solo flyer without access to multiplayer (Pro Subscription required) or ATC, you can participate in XCubs to Oshkosh.

Our brand new XCub features a special EAA 50th Anniversary livery we made especially for this event, and it's absolutely free! As a small bonus for all Infinite Flight users who enjoy the app without a subscription to Infinite Flight Pro, we will be expanding the Oshkosh region that comes with the app, in honor of this event.

Where and When?

XCubs To Oshkosh will run as a series of events between July 19th and July 21st, 2019. Of course, you can fly these routes anytime you like, however we're coordinating them with actual Oshkosh arrivals. Our departure event will take place on Sunday, July 28th and be grouped by aircraft type. Download the official NOTAM below for all information.

CYKZ KVLL 19 July 2019 1800Z
KVLL KPWK 20 July 2019 2000Z
KPWK KOSH 21 July 2019 1900Z
KOSH 28 July 2019 1700Z - 1930Z
Download the NOTAM


The Infinite Flight XCubs To Oshkosh NOTAM contains everything you as an Infinite Flight pilot need to know. This document outlines arrival procedures, rules and guidelines, and airport information. This is essential reading for your journey to Oshkosh.

Our official published NOTAM is essential reading before you embark on your flight to Oshkosh. While this is a casual server event, we encourage all pilots to endeavor to practice real world procedures and keep a safe distance from other aircraft at all times. This will ensure the enjoyment of all pilots that participate in XCubs To Oshkosh!

To discuss your trip, ask questions, or plan group flights, please visit our community forum. Please enjoy, and welcome to Oshkosh!