As the last release of the year approaches, our team is hard at work squashing bugs and getting the next update polished up for you! 19.4 will bring some much-awaited features with the reworked 172.

You may have picked up on the ever-polarizing use of the word soon™ on our social media accounts recently when referring to the release of the 172. For us, it can't come soon enough since we're so excited to share it with you! Our goal was to be ready with 19.4 in November. Our internal targets had to change during beta testing due to some remaining challenges integrating our new map. As a result, our target for this update is early-to-mid-December.

For those that aren't glued to the comments, here's a TL;DR list of what to expect for this update:

  • Reworked C172 with animated cockpit. This aircraft will replace the existing 172 and feature a free steam gauge version available to all users. For Infinite Flight Pro subscribers, a glass cockpit featuring the G1000 avionics suit will be available
  • Redeveloped world map. This blog article has more information on our new map
  • Redesigned in-flight user interface. More on that here
  • TBM upgrade with updated functional glass cockpit

We have even more to show you in this update but for that you'll have to keep your eyes peeled on our social media accounts! As a super pro tip, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you're not already. Subscribers may just get a first look before the release. 👀

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