A long-awaited feature is making its way to Infinite Flight v20.1; Instrument Procedures. Infinite Flight pilots will soon be able to add a real-world arrival, approach, or departure to their flight plans with ease. And here's the best part: it will be available to all users at no extra cost.

A common question from real-world pilots at events like AirVenture in Oshkosh is, "can I shoot an approach into my home airport?" Our answer up until now has been, sort of. The answer after the release of Infinite Flight v20.1 will be an emphatic YES! Coming in the next app update will be a global database of real-world nav data including all SIDs, STARs, and approaches. ALL? Yes, all. Okay, but what if I want to plan an arrival into Ouagadougou Airport in Burkina Faso, you might ask. Well, you will be able to.

Procedures And VNAV

Recently we announced the coming of VNAV descent to our autopilot system, and for very good reason. Infinite Flight pilots will now be able to add a STAR and/or approach to their flight plan. Waypoints contained in those procedures will show minimum altitudes over which the aircraft will fly them. This is where VNAV comes in. Enabling the VNAV feature will allow the aircraft to start a comfortable descent to comply with procedure requirements.

Pilots will also be able to manually set altitudes for waypoints. Want to make up your own custom approach with altitude settings? No problem. Simply use the "set altitude" function while planning your flight and let the airplane do the rest. Pilots who copy flight plans while flying online using our multiplayer feature will receive all waypoints and altitudes from the other pilot.

An important thing to note is that it will still be entirely up to the pilot to ensure proper speeds are flown during each phase of flight, even in the descent with VNAV enabled. Just like in real life, autopilot will not slow the aircraft or apply speed brakes if the descent takes them below 10,000' while above 250 KIAS.

Practice with ForeFlight™

If you're a pilot practicing procedures before getting in the airplane, don't forget to enable ForeFlight™ Link in your settings so you can visualize exactly the way you would in the cockpit. Manipulating procedures in your flight plan in Infinite Flight will work the same way as in ForeFlight™; removing a waypoint from a SID or STAR will break the procedure up into individual waypoints for ultimate customization.

Procedures are coming to Infinite Flight in version 20.1 for all users. Infinite Flight Pro pilots will be able to enjoy up-to-date, worldwide navigation data at no extra cost with their subscription. Pilots flying in solo mode will also have all data in the regions available to them with the app purchase.

More information and specs on this new feature will follow in future articles.

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