The third and final major release of the year is out for Infinite Flight which delivers a fully reworked 757-200. As was the case for much of 2020, this release also has some improvements behind the scenes to make the app run faster, and more efficiently.

Update status

We are beginning with an incremental, staged release on Android, followed by iOS, to ensure we cover any launch issues smoothly. Please note we don’t know at what time it will reach your device as this is determined by the App Store and Play Store.


The 757—aka The Flying Pencil—is a well-loved airliner that is slowly being phased out of modern air travel. Infinite Flight has the luxury of not letting this beauty fade and has brought an old model back to life. An animated glass cockpit is included for this airplane, new animations for the captain's window and APU air intake, and new lights attached to actions in the cockpit.

Makers of the mobile flight simulator have recently begun to pivot slightly when it comes to aircraft work. When in the past, 3D artists and developers may have chosen to revive multiple variants and cockpit styles, they have chosen with the 757 to narrow their focus on one variant, and a glass cockpit. The choice to put out one variant of the 757 is indeed a compromise, and one staff feel is good and necessary for the simulator to push ahead.

B757 Liveries
Aer Lingus Air Astana Air Baltic Air China
America West American Airlines British Airways Cabo Verde
China Southern Delta Air Lines EC Air Generic
Ghana International Airlines Guyana Airways Icelandair Infinite Flight
Jet2 La Compagnie Ladeco LAPA
Monarch Royal Nepal Airlines Sunday Airlines TUI
United Airlines US Air Force Uzbekistan Airways

Other Improvements

An ongoing process for the Infinite Flight team is to move pieces of the sim's code to a new backend system. Changes in 20.3 include weather, flights, and user stats being migrated to the new system. While this may not immediately present as a benefit to the user, systems will generally be faster, more stable, and ensure better forward-compatibility for future features.

In 20.3, Infinite Flight contains changes for how it processes user stats on the servers. As part of this, developers have noticed an old bug (previously undetected) where solo stats were tracked as part of the Total Flight Time and Total Violations figure in the Grade Table for some flights carried out between 2013 and 2017.

To simplify how data is stored and processed, and in the interest of being fair to every Infinite Flight player, Infinite Flight has made the difficult decision to exclude any past Solo stats from user Grade Tables. This won’t affect every user but it may cause a small handful of users to move down a grade.

Full 20.3 Change Log


  • B757-200 which includes 27 new and updated liveries, real 757 sound pack, animated glass cockpit with live instruments, reworked flight physics, gear tilt, wing flex, and more. All are available to Infinite Flight Pro subscribers
  • APPR mode indicators for Glide Slope and Localizer capture


  • "No Active Subscription" message showing up after a long flight on multiplayer
  • "Error loading account details" showing when there were no errors


  • Weather, flights, and user stat processing
  • Performance improvements