As the internal beta testing for 20.2 comes to a close, we're introducing something new. For this release, Infinite Flight is offering a public beta, giving interested users a chance to preview and test new and improved features in advance.

In addition to reaching a broader audience testing new aircraft, bug fixes, and features, an open public beta will allow Infinite Flight developers a chance to test and monitor server loads and the impact of new code in a more controlled way. Often, the only way to test properly is by adding volume. Enter, the 20.2 open public beta.

If you are interested, please read this post in its entirety so you have a good understanding of the process before expressing interest.

Phase 2 Open Beta Update
7 Oct, 2020

Phase 2 of our open beta program is rolling out! In this phase, developers will set a limit of their choosing on the number of signups. This is a first-come, first-serve system. Doing this will help the development team monitor server loads and quickly address issues that come up without affecting a large number of users.

We will start with a limited number on iOS, followed by an added number of Android users. Caps may be increased or lifted at the discression of our development team. If the beta is full, please try again later.

For more information, please visit our community forum.

Phase 1 Open Beta Update
4 Oct, 2020

Our estimated time to launch Phase 2 of the open beta is being updated to Thursday, 8 Oct, 2020. This date remains an estimate due to server issues which must be fixed prior to allowing more users into the beta program. Please bear in mind that this is the entire purpose of doing an open beta program as opposed to fixing issues after the app update is released into production.

20.2 completely reworks a lot of core systems and it needs to work well at scale. Otherwise, your experience using Infinite Flight will not be at the same standard! We're just as excited as all of you to launch this update, and we're working as fast as we can. Our devs are beautiful humans too.

Please note that it's very likely Phase 2 will start in a limited capacity on a first come, first serve basis. This is to allow developers to slowly scale up usage and monitor the servers, and ensure they cope with demand.

More updates will be posted here as they become available, and we're reminding users to please not send direct messages to staff or moderators at this time.


The timeline for how we roll this program out is subject to change. Below is the approximate sequence of events.

Phase 1
Testing of open beta with a select group of users to ensure system stability
Phase 2
Phased open beta rollout for iOS and Android
Phase 3
Approx Start: TBD
Official 20.2 launch candidate is sent to Apple for review and shipped upon approval

PHASE 2 is starting shortly. Developers will open it up gradually to actively monitor server activity and issues that may arise. Please be patient as we roll out this phase of the program!


What is an open beta?
Traditionally at Infinite Flight, we test by releasing an alpha candidate to staff and moderators. During this period, the alpha group will test the first iterations of new features which helps to identify big issues quickly. After the alpha, developers will release a build to our closed beta group. This group is hand-picked from active and helpful community members who have shown a genuine desire to help find issues. This time around, we're inviting the public to join us in testing the new version of Infinite Flight prior to its official release.

Who can join?
iOS and Android users can join with a few important conditions that will be outlined below. There is no cap to the number of open beta testers on Android. On iOS there is but it’s a very high number we don’t anticipate hitting. If we do hit a cap, we will communicate that in this article.

What is the signup process?
For iOS users, developers will issue a TestFlight link which can be opened on the device they will be using to test. The TestFlight app from Apple is required before using the link.

Android users will have the option to opt-in to the open beta program from the Infinite Flight listing in Google Play directly.

Exact links and dates will be posted in this article when they become available.

Please check back often to see updates.

For how long will the open beta last?
The goal is no more than a few weeks, however like any release, testing, approval, and launch is subject to change. Many factors go into what constitutes a stable release candidate, however we will do our best to ship in a timely manner and of course keep you updated along the way.

What else should I know?

  • iOS users will NOT be able to purchase subscriptions in the beta version of the app. To use Infinite Flight Pro in beta, you must already have an active subscription purchased in an App Store version of the app, and have the app installed prior to downloading from TestFlight. This beta program is not a way to try Infinite Flight Pro for free.
  • Android users will be able to purchase a subscription in the beta version, however that new subscription will not work in versions prior to 20.2 (the system is not backwards compatible).
  • Some features (such as new ATC messages) may not work with users on version 20.1 or older. For example, sending ATC the new "Ready for departure in sequence" message will only be shown as "Ready for departure". This is a natural pain point of beta testing and should be expected.
  • You are helping test. As a result, there's a very good chance some things may be broken. If you anticipate this being an unacceptable outcome for you, this program may not be your thing.
  • The new Open Beta forum category will be available and will be the only place to report issues with the open beta. Please do not send messages to support or our social media accounts if you experience issues (Jason and Misha will certainly not know how to help you)! Topic templates will be available and users will be expected to follow the category rules very closely to avoid heavy moderation of that category. To be a helpful beta tester, this will be very important! In addition, we ask that you do not send direct messages on any platform to staff or moderators concerning this program.

We're excited to offer this opportunity to you for 20.2! See you in the skies.